Interesting and beautiful towns and municipalities of Roztocze

Where to go on vacation? Interesting and beautiful towns and municipalities of Roztocze where this year's vacation is worth spending.

Frampol i okolice
Founded in 1736 r. Frampol is famous for its geometric spatial arrangement. This regularity of buildings prompted the Germans to carry out 13 September 1939 r. practice bombing of the town. Despite the huge damage, the historic layout of the city is still visible today. In Frampol it is worth visiting, among others. remains of the old wooden buildings – beautiful houses and characteristic barns, Parish Church, the old Jewish cemetery and the School Memorial Room.
northern, The hilly and checkered part of the Frampol commune is situated in the Western Roztocze, and south, flat, with extensive pine forests, in the Sandomierz Basin. An interesting fact around Frampol are the numerous crosses and chapels (only on the road to Janów Lubelski there are more of them 60), historic rural and huge wooden buildings, deep wells, in Teodorówka, where the well is 90m deep, of which 50m is carved in the rock. A stone's throw separates Frampol from Kocuda, where the famous Jarzębina band operates, performer of the EURO hit 2012 “The whole whole Euro spoko”.
UM Frampol, the. Radzięcka 8,23-440 Frampol, tel. 84 685 75 09,fax84 685 75 63,

Janów Lubelski and its surroundings
Janów Lubelski is one of the gates of Roztocze. It was established in 1640 r. as another city of the Zamość Estate, and numerous monuments recall its relationship with the ordination: offices, officials' houses, former prison and the Dominican church and monastery, now the Marian Sanctuary. W 2012 r. One of the largest rope parks in Poland has been built on the Janów Reservoir.
Janów is the seat of the poviat and counts 12 thousand. residents. From the north, the hills of Western Roztocze fall towards the city, and from the south it is adjacent to the vast and picturesque complex of the Janowskie Forests with lots of trails and educational paths. They lead to the most interesting places, the Biłgoraj horse refuge in Szklarnia, monument on Porytowe Wzgórze commemorating the great guerrilla battle, amazing wooden church in Momoty Górne, Kruczek wilderness, Imielty Ług reserve * and the pottery center in Łążek Garncarski.
Janów Lubelski City Hall, Zamoyskiego Street 59,23-300 Janów Lubelski, tel. 15 872 43 30,

Józefów and its surroundings
Józefów is the Cycling Capital of Roztocze. Its surroundings are perfect for this form of tourism, and only in 2012 r. another one was created here 2,5 km of bike paths. City founded in 1725 r. currently counts 2,5 thousand. residents. While visiting it, it is worth seeing the 19th century church, the best preserved Jewish cemetery and the former synagogue in Roztocze, an exhibition in the Geotourism Pavilion and sculptures in the market square, famous Józefów quarries and a vast panorama of Roztocze and the Solska Primeval Forest from the highest observation tower in Roztocze.
The Józefów commune is probably the only one in Europe with three parks: one national and two landscape. There are several pearls from Roztocze near Józefów: Czartowe Pole reserve with the ruins of a paper mill and the breakthrough of Sopot, Górecko Kościelne with a larch church, along the avenue of several hundred-year-old oaks and the gorge of the Szumu and Florlanka, located among the forests of the RPN.
Józefów City Hall, ul Kosciuszko 37,23-460 Józefów, tel. 84 687 81 33,84 687 81 03,

Krasnobród and its surroundings
The Krasnobród health resort is located in the heart of Roztocze, among extremely picturesque wooded hills. It teaches approx. 3 thousand. residents. The pearl of Krasnobród is the Marian Sanctuary with a historic one, a wooden granary, museums, aviary, Calvary and a chapel “On the water*. It is also worth seeing the Leszno manor complex, which houses the sanatorium, climb the lookout tower, to see the panorama of the city and the surrounding area, swim in the 17-hectare lagoon or take a walk along the alleys leading along its shores.
The city is surrounded by exceptionally beautiful hills covered with pine forests, fir and beech trees. When wandering around them, it is worth visiting min. to the famous chapel of St.. Roch and the Educational Path located nearby ,Dinosaurs- Krasnobród’ Galerii Szur malarza Marka Rzeźniaka, full of the atmosphere of years 60. club “School 69″ in Stara Huta and drink crystal clear water from a spring in Belfont.
UM Krasnobród, the. 3. May 36,22-440 Krasnobród, tel. 84 660 76 91,

Nielisz and its surroundings
For lovers of fishing and water sports, Nielisz is the best choice. The village lies on the largest water reservoir in the region with an area of ​​over 800 he has. It was created after damming the largest Roztocze river – Hog. It is a paradise for fishermen and nature observers.
When visiting Nielisz, it is worth seeing the wooden church of St.. Wojciech, and in the vicinity: a manor house in Pond Noakowski and palaces in Ujazdów and Ruskie Piaski. It is also impossible to ignore the miraculous spring of St.. John in the Ujazdowski Pond in Cologne and, full of secrets, the mid-forest Sodom lake in Kolonia Zamszany.
AND Nielisz, You don't 279,22-413 You don't, tel. 84 631 27 27,fax84 631 27 15,


Obsza and surroundings
Although Obsza is geographically located outside the Roztocze area, it is connected with it by historical ties, cultural and tourist. The fish rivers Tanew and Wirowa flow through the vast and picturesque surrounding meadows, and behind them is the Solska Primeval Forest, connecting the Obsza commune with Roztocze. The stylish Zagroda Roztocze is a tourist showpiece of Obsza, where you can eat and sleep, take advantage of the offer of canoeing trips on Tanwia, ride a horse, see a painting gallery and a small open-air museum. The commune also has an interesting history. They used to visit and hunt in the Zamech castle: Władysław Jagiełło, Zygmunt August, Stefan Batory i Jan III Sobieski. W1803 r. painter Rafał Hadziewicz was born in Zamch. współzałożyciel Zachęty a w miejscowym kościele, the former church, the relics of St.. Józefat.
AND Obsza. Area 36,23-413 Area, tel 84 689 10 02,


Sułów and its surroundings
Sułów is situated in the Western Roztocze, at the mouth of Por to Wieprz. The picturesque oxbow lakes of both rivers and the Nielisz reservoir are a real paradise for anglers and wildlife observers. Canoeists will be interested in Stanica Wodna “Marina” on Wieprz River in Michałów.
There are many monuments in the commune. One of the most interesting is the medieval settlement in Sąsiadka, which they visited in their heyday, among others. Arab merchants, and today it is the best preserved settlement in Roztocze. There are also many interesting monuments of wooden architecture in the Neighborhood. The pearl of the commune is the Baroque Zamoyski Palace in Michałów with a gothic house and an old hydroelectric power plant and the surrounding palace, over 100 hectares, English park. There is an interesting Sanctuary of St.. Antoni in Radecznica, a w Mokremlipiu Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Ulikz ciekawym skansenem pszczelarskim.
UG Sułów, Sułów 63,22-448 Sułów, tel. 84 682 62 02,fax84 682 62 27,


Szczebrzeszyn and its surroundings
Szczebrzeszyn is one of the oldest towns in Roztocze, lies on the Wieprz River and counts 5,5 thousand. residents. Jan Brzechwa wrote about him: .In Szczebrzeszyn the beetle sounds like a reed .. 'hence there are two monuments to the beetle in the city. Baroque churches remind us of the city's multiculturalism, the oldest in Poland, brick orthodox church, with thrilling polychromes, former synagogue – now the Municipal House of Culture and the vast one, the oldest in the Lublin region, Jewish cemetery. While in Szczebrzeszyn, it is worth visiting the painters' galleries: Piotr Kołodziejczyk (near the synagogue) and Barbara Czapiga and Mariusz Drohomirecki (near the mill in Wieprz).

On the one hand, the vicinity of Szczebrzeszyn is a wide valley of the Wieprz River, and on the other, picturesque deep loess ravines. There is no such tangle of ravines anywhere in Roztocze, hence this difficult to go place was called Piekiełko.

UM Szczebrzeszyn, pl. Kosciuszko l, 22-460 Szczebrzeszyn, tel. 84 682 10 95,


Zamość neighborhood

The area around Zamość is occupied by the Zamość Commune, while those closest to the city are quite flat, and the vast prado-ropes of rivers,Topomica and Czarny Potok are mainly wet meadows. The southern part of the commune is the Roztocze hills, and the northern one is the hills of the Grabowiecki Departments.

The whole area of ​​the commune is perfect for cycling. There is a lot of traditional wooden construction here, historic chapels and roadside figures. In Hubaly and Leipzig Polesie, you can see medieval burial mounds. A treat for lovers of tradition is the Regional Memorial Chamber in Wysokie. One of the most visited places is – built on the spring – St.. Roman in Leipzig Polesie, at which on the first Sunday after 9 On August, picturesque open-air pilgrimage ceremonies take place.

In the photo: Regional Chamber in Wysokie.

UG Zamość, uLPeowiaków 92,22-400 Zamosc, tel. 84 639 29 59, www.gminazamoscpl

Zwierzyniec and its surroundings

The zoo is called the Pearl of Roztocze and the location and charm of the town fully justify it. It counts 3,5 thousand. residents, it is located in the Weprza valley, surrounded by the forests of the Roztocze National Park. Being in town, you must see the famous church on the island of'z 1741 r. with frescoes by Łukasz Smuglewicz, the only one on the fresh locust monument, old brewery and plenipotentiary's villa.

Most of the trails and nature paths leading through the Roztocze National Park begin in Zwierzyniec, but it is best to start visiting it with a visit to the Educational and Museum Center of the Republic of Poland. The famous Bukowa Góra is situated near the city, and there are several beautifully situated villages in the area of ​​the commune, m jn. historical Sochy, Topólcza with a former church, Guciów with the famous farm and Obroa, where most of the trips on the Wieprz River begins. In the photo: former offices of the Zamość Estate in Zwierzyniec.

Municipal Office of Zwierzyniec. Market 1,22-470 Zoo, teL 84 687 20 11,

Zamość poviat

There are few poviats in Poland, which can be compared to the Zamość district in terms of the richness of the landscape. Its southern part covers a large part of Roztocze, and it includes several previously described communes: Krasnobród. You don't, Sułów, Szczebrzeszyn, Zamość and Zwierzyniec The northern part is no less picturesque in the hills of Działy Grabowieckie. a large part of which is occupied by the Skterbleszów Landscape Park. These are also old cities: Skierbieszów and Grabowiec, medieval settlements recall their rich history.

The Łabunie with the Szeptycki and Komarów palace also belong to the Zamość poviat, in the fields where the famous battle took place during the war with the Bolsheviks in 1920 r. It is also a picturesque area full of monuments in the vicinity of Miączyn, Small, Old Zamość and Radecznica, over which the famous Sanctuary of St.. Antoni In the photo: chapel in Grabnik.

Poviat Starosty in Zamość ul. Industrial 4,22-400 Zamosc, tel. 84 530 09 86,