You must see this in Roztocze

You must see this in Roztocze.

1. Zabytkowe centrum Zwierzyńca: famous church “On the island”, the only locust monument in the world, Classicist offices of the Zamość Estate and the villa of its plenipotentiary, 200-summer brewery. Everything is drowning in green.

2. Roztoczański Park Narodowy. Eight and a half thousand hectares of wonderful forests with numerous fragments of the primeval forest. Beech and fir trees, which you will not see anywhere else. Bogata flora and fauna, interesting museum.

3. Przełomy: Tanwi in Rebizanty z 28 successive small waterfalls and Sopot near Hamernia, with the ruins of an 18th-century paper mill.

4. Szczebrzeszyn. The oldest town in the region. Here you can feel the atmosphere of the old small towns of Congress Poland and Galicia. Two baroque churches, Orthodox church with fantastic frescoes, d. synagogue and Jewish cemetery with matzevot from the 16th century.

5. Mauzoleum w Bełżcu. A moving and expressive monument commemorating half a million victims of the German extermination camp. According to Polityka, one of 15 architectural masterpieces of the Third Polish Republic. An excellent multimedia museum.

6. Sanktuarium w Krasnobrodzie. Baroque church, famous chapel “On the water”, calvary, old granary, museums: religious buildings and the village of Krasnobrodzka, aviary, exhibitions: Marianna, harvest wreaths, geological, pottery and natural science.

7. Górecko Kościelne. Beautifully situated, a forest village with the sanctuary of St.. Stanislaus the Bishop, numerous chapels, along the alley of several hundred-year-old oaks and the picturesque gorge of Szumu.

8. Modrzewiowy kościół w Tomaszowie Lubelskim. A pearl of architecture. A unique and extremely successful example of transferring the forms of a baroque brick building to a wooden temple.

9. Drewniane cerkwie na Roztoczu Południowym: in Hrebenne, Bełżec, The hunters, Brusno Nowy, Pmsiach, Wola Wielka and applying to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – church of St.. Paraskevia in Radmż.

10. Kamieniołomy w Józefowie. The rock canyon was created as a result of several hundred years of exploitation of the deposit. A textbook cross-section of the Miocene sea bottom. Plus monumental, stone lookout tower.