Zamosc – Sightseeing – Route 2

Redemptorist Roman Catholic Church, filial of St.. Nicholas. The temple was originally built as a wooden Orthodox church by the Greeks settled in Zamość at the end of the 16th century., a ok. 1618 r. was taken over by the Ruthenian church brotherhood. At the end of the 17th century. a new one was built, murowaną cerkiew

Zamosc – Sightseeing – Route 1

We start our tour from the car park at ul. Partyzantów. There used to be three gates leading to the city: northern – Lublin, south – Szczebrzeska and eastern – Lwowska. In front of us, on the left, the New Lwowska Gate, erected in 1820-21 according to the design. Eng. Jana Pawła Lelewela

Zamosc – History

Zamosc – History

City (ok. 67 000 inhabited) located in Padół Zamojski, over Łabuńka (the right tributary of the Wieprz River), w l. 1975-98 provincial city, from 1999 r. the seat of city authorities with poviat and land poviat rights. Food industry center (meat plants, brewery, …

Zamosc – The Great Market Square – Town hall – Arcaded tenement houses

The Great Market Square (pl. Mickiewicz) is one of the grandest 16th century squares in Europe. Its unique charm is created by surrounding it with arcades of tenement houses. Deep perspectives for arcades, emphasized by the chiaroscuro rhythm of vaults and arcades, they captivate every viewer and create a sublime mood. Ring one- or …