The Old Town in Zamość from a bird's eye view

The Old Town in Zamość from a bird's eye view:

Legend: Objects with exceptional urban and architectural values: 1. The Great Market Square. 2. Town hall, 3. Armenian tenement houses (Zamość Museum), 4. The Morandowska tenement house, 5. The Linkowska tenement house, 6. Cathedral, 7. Infillet (Sacred Museum). 8. Szczebrzeska Gate, 9. Arsenal, 10. Zamoyski Palace, 11. Zamość Academy, 12. Old Lublin Gate, 13. City park, 14. St.. Catherine, 15. New Lublin Gate, 16. Salt Market, 17. Synagogue 18. Overhang of the bastion VI, 19. Overhang of the bastion VII, 20. Bastion VII, 21. Old Lviv Gate, 22. New Lwowska Gate, 23. Franciscan Church, 24. Redemptorist Church (former church), 25. Central House, 26. Water Market, 27. Monastery of Poor Clares, 28. Water port 29. Rotunda Objects built in 70. XX w., alien to the historical structure of the Old Town: A. The office building of Przedsiębiorstwo Ceramiki Budowlanej z 1967 r.. B. The building of the Vocational Training Center, ok. 1970 r., C. Hotel "Renaissance" z 1971 r., D. PAX building with 1972 r., E. House of Various Crafts z 1973 r. Tenement houses erected at the beginning of the 21st century., perfectly fitting into the urban and historical tissue of the Old Town: I. Tenement house with 2000 r., II. Tenement house with 2005 r. Source: Folder,Zamosc ", Lipiec Publishing House, Zamosc 2004