St.. Catherine

The single-nave church of St.. Catherine near the Salarium Forum, owes its existence to the Żaboklicki Hieronim Foundation, who ordered it to be erected in the second half of the 17th century for Fr.. reformates, living under the loving care of their superiors in the nearby one, tiny, today no longer existing monastery.

Among them, a special fame, out of godliness, the severity of morals and holiness flowing, the Guardian X rejoiced. Sebastian Wolicki, with whom Tsar Peter during his visit to the city, hearing about his great virtues and admiring him, he had a long conversation.

The monks had a monastery library enlarged by the record of the bishop of Chełm, Jan Feliks Szaniawski, once buried in the church vaults, which after the dissolution and relocation of the monks to Chełm, it was given to the university library in Lviv and destroyed in a fire in the event of a fire.

Poor remnants of the property of oo. reformates were distributed to churches in Zamość. Among other things, ten tin candlesticks were donated by X. Derbedroszewicz Kajetan collegiate church in Zamość to the chapel of the Blessed Virgin "Obwachowska".

In the altar there is a painting of St.. Catherine's old brush moved from the former church in the Lublin suburbs, which was demolished for war purposes. The image of St.. Hubert in the side altar is painted by the artist – Edward Kopciński, a painter, professor of the Zamość gymnasium.

In the choir there are old organs from the 17th century donated to the church of St.. Catherine through the collegiate church in Zamość.