EU funds and the revitalization of the Old Town

EU funds and the revitalization of the Old Town

Poland's accession to the European Union in May 2004 r. created the possibility of obtaining funding from the European Union structural funds for new road investments, environmental, tourist, investments in the field of culture, education and sport, health protection and creating the information society and much more.

European regional development fund (EFRR) co-finances projects related to, among others. with revitalization conservation renovation, modernization and adaptation of historical and historic buildings and their surroundings. Therefore, Zamość is trying to raise funds for the revitalization of the Old Town. These activities bring tangible results. Thanks to EU subsidies, works aimed at improving the technical condition and image of historic buildings and public spaces are carried out in the area of ​​the historic center.. The scope of the investment covers objects with the highest historic values, requiring immediate improvement of the technical condition, as well as conservation intervention.

Adopted in 2004 year, the "Local revitalization program for the Old Town in Zamość" is the basis for conservation and construction works. They were divided into five stages.

The costs of the first stage were close to the amount 4580 million PLN, of which 3079 PLN min. was the ERDF contribution. As part of the work performed,. remont 7170 m2 of squares and streets, including the Great Square slabs and modernization 360 m streets.

The costs of the second stage are 12 480 million PLN, of which 10 356 PLN million was the contribution of the ERDF. The basic parameters of this stage include: 64 120 cubic meters of the volume of historic buildings undergoing conservation processes, revalorization, modernization and adaptation and 1,58 ha of the area of ​​revitalized historic complexes, including four blocks of tenement houses, Central House and six streets.

Third stage, under which works on the renovation of the tenement houses in Block III are underway, IV and V, renovation of the town hall with an outbuilding and comprehensive modernization of Bazyliańska street, valued at 11 490 million PLN, of which 8620 PLN million is the contribution of the ERDF. Work on this stage is to end in 2008 r.

The last two of the five steps include the tasks titled "Renovation, modernization and adaptation of fortress complexes of the Old Town in Zamość for the purposes of culture ". The city managed to obtain funds from the European Economic Area - Norwegian Program for the revitalization of fortifications. The investment is supposed to cost 32 million PLN (8 million euro), and the work will include: renovation of the fortress complex of Bastion VII, renovation of the New Lubelska Gate with a murein curtain and a playpen, modernization of the "Kazamaty" facility and the surrounding area, renovation of the Old Lublin Gate with a curtain wall, renovation of the Szczebrzeska Gate with a curtain wall, a shooting gallery and a guardhouse. A visual monitoring system for these facilities will also be built.

Based on the experience gained, the city of Zamość is preparing new projects, which they want to pursue in the years 2007-2013 with ERDF co-financing. The city authorities also intend to apply for funds at the Marshal's Office in Lublin, as soon as the Ministry of Regional Development changes the rules of granting public aid for investments under regional operational programs60.

A list has been prepared in the External Fund Management Office of the City Hall in Zamość 40 investment assumptions for years 2007-2013, for which an application for a financial grant will be prepared. The planned investments do not include revalorization of the five above-mentioned buildings.

Also in any planning document or revitalization program created after 1992 r.61 has no information on buildings, who are "negative heroes".

It would seem, that right now, when in time coincided: enactment of 2006 r. of the local spatial development plan of Zamość; starting in 2005 r. a comprehensive revitalization program for the Old Town and the receipt of 2007 r. significant funds from the European Regional Development Fund by the city, there were special conditions for their thorough reconstruction. However, such reasoning does not seem entirely logical, why?

In May 2008 a year from the deputy director of the Department of Spatial Planning, I found out about the Construction and Monument Protection of the City Hall in Zamość, that the revitalization documentation "is prepared for each of the facilities. However, there are no favorable circumstances and no will of decision-makers to give a case a specific legal and executive dimension. The owners of two facilities are natural persons, the next two – legal persons, and only one belongs to the city. So far, no discussions have taken place, which could lead to a certain consensus. The "power at the town hall" still has no idea how to solve the problem.

You should judge, that in the submitted projects, which are a condition for obtaining further subsidies, there should be a point, which would explain the need to adapt five buildings to historic landscape interiors. Well-prepared documentation of the recovery program should be an additional argument in allocating earmarked funds.