Church and Monastery of the SS. French – klarysek

We need to break away from the images of the past on the plain stretching in front of us, and see the former monastery building. This is the former church and monastery of the SS. French.

When the Austrian government liquidated their order in Zamość at the end of the 18th century, The Merciful Virgin with pale faces occupied him, who cast from under the wings of monastic veils caring and watchful glances at the sick of their animal care and moved silently among the beds of the hospital they maintained. Merciful Virgins, which they received in prayer in July, a hot day from hands to pontifical robes of the clothed infuat of Baltazar Dulewski, leading a procession, assisted by the clergy and the pious, image of the Blessed Virgin of Graces from the monastery of oo. Bonifraters. Having lost the basis of existence in Zamość, they took him with them to the nearby Szczebrzeszyn.

Their church turned their row into a storehouse of things, and the monastery was later converted into a military hospital.

In deep, only superficially known, and the cellars of the church and monastery, which are now bricked up, probably more than one coffin in the silence of the graves slowly disintegrates, shining with decay of decayed wood - bone will knock on bone - human skull with dark eye sockets into the dark space, not seeing anything, he looks at it.

At a starless night, somewhere in the walls of the building, the crying of the once living here with the Merciful Maidens, "the castellan”, which, due to a bad father, at Mass. in the church of the o. fracirzkanów received, was given to the sisters by the monks. She had never been able to reveal her name and remained silent in madness, She shared the exile fate of her guardians, forced to abandon their current seat, and in Szczebrzeszyn, having lived to see the late years, the sad life ended.