Town hall

Now let's take a look at the town hall.

In fact, it immediately catches the eye at the entrance to the market in its pink color – white robe, supported on gray undercuts, with an arch slightly into the market square, stone stairs with stone handrails leading to the terrace.

Let us focus for a moment on the cornice dividing the floors from each other, which the most delicate lace, carved in the wall, runs around it - and now let's move it to the inter-window niches under plaster for centuries, also recently excavated together with the cornice.

It is topped with a beautiful attic, with decorative vases characteristic for the times in which it was built, there are small turrets at the four corners, which are an exact repetition of the large one, top of the tower – adorning guards. Once, so, like the surrounding tenement houses, it was girdled at the bottom with an openwork ribbon of arcades, which made the structure even more light.

It is, in a way, a buckle that binds together an expensive jewel of beauty and harmony, all the square at its feet.

He controls the castle with a white eagle with wings stretched to fly and the city's coat of arms, on which St.. Thomas holds three spears of the Jeliteks in his hand.

Old stone, built in above the arch of one of the town hall arcades, it's a cartouche with coats of arms, which in November in 1937 r. The ordinate of Maurycy Zamoyski donated to the city. He used to mark the walls of a fortress.

A black granite slab covered with flowers at the foot of the town hall, 11-November 1937 r. exposed, with its inscription it proclaims, that:

At this point on October 17th 1922 In the year, the GREAT MARSHAL listened to the Holy Mass.

And let us throw the flower in our hand on this trace of the presence of the Great Man. Before it withers, let us turn our thoughts to Vilnius, towards the Heart of the Nation closed in an urn under the plate on Rasos at the mother's feet.

And let our thought draw the great arch to the west, tam, where, on the Vistula River, the Wawel Castle and the cathedral guard the body of Him in the crypt, Who at least passed away among the dead, alive continues.